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Drive By Cheesers / When Cheese Goes Bad

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[31 Mar 2002|10:24pm]

if cheese was a cyborg....

Cybernetic Humanoid Engineered for Efficient Sabotage and Exploration
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Will it work? [15 Mar 2002|11:37am]

Check this out at What Cheese Are You

What cheese are you?

Your name: Scat Cat

Your cheese: Gruyere
Gruyere picture

Gruyere is a traditional hard cheese, named after the Swissvillage of the same name. It has a hard, dry brown rind, which ispitted with tiny holes. The cheese is yellow and slightly grainy,with flavours varying from fruity to earthy and nutty.



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Holy Galactic Cheese War! [14 Mar 2002|02:00pm]

Wow, there was a big rift in the force! It started out a normal day and then verkan_maul teamed up with anti_cheese and converted verkan_vall!!

He was against us children! Against the cheese, against the fondue, AGAINST the Great Galactic Cheese Force!!!


ubercheesegirl tried to help out (notice.... mmhmm, no supercheesegirl to be found.. mmhmm) but uber chic is too bitchy to accomplish anything but slapping her own team around, ving tried to offer the use of his tools (cof) but by then it was too late! luke_cheesewlkr was, well, cheesy, but the cheese in his head was too great to be of much use. In the end it was gruggach and I who had to save the day. A great bunch of Minkeys were let lose in the Death Whiz Chamber and they winkied the whole system useless, I managed to trick the evil anti_cheese into the vaporizer, strapped him in and flipped the switch. (he still has a nasty cough and wheeze though.)

In the end though, I think this is what saved us..
Look what he was busted with in his closet!Collapse )
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my first contribution to cheesedom [14 Mar 2002|12:41am]

did you know you can get a free cheese poster from Organic Valley Farms? it's a pretty nice poster, i have it hanging in my kitchen. :) here's the link:

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A new version [13 Mar 2002|10:57am]

[ mood | Cheesy ]

Keep twisting
Keep turning
The flame will burn
The bread will brown
None will resist
The tang on the tongue
I will be here
Melting in the heat

You will be bare
Exposed to the soul
Teased and taunted
Unable to leave
I will be watching
As you open your mouth
I am in charge
Of your taste and soul

Beg to be freed
Cry all your tears
Promise me all
Defy if you dare
You will be left
Stomach full
I am still here
Your mouth says more

The more you eat
The more I give
Into the fridge
My many guises
There's no escape
No release from addiction
I am your saviour
I am cheese

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Just because I aim to cheese. [26 Feb 2002|11:51am]

[ mood | amused ]

With apologies to Martha Stewart and Simon & Garfunkel.

Read more...Collapse )

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[18 Feb 2002|08:59am]

Heh, ludicrous found this and thought of me! LOL, we're getting a cheese rep Mr G!

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[16 Feb 2002|01:15pm]



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[13 Feb 2002|08:34pm]

[ mood | swiss ]

I went to a fetish party this weekend and wouldn't you believe it. There were people spanking cheese. WHAT!! you say?? Yes there was a large and I mean large edge of ripe cheddar tied to a bondage table. It was having the wax whipped off by some hairy man in a rubber thong.

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[31 Jan 2002|06:25pm]


This one kinda reminds me of Mr G. I dunno why.. heh.
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[31 Jan 2002|06:15pm]

Mr G! There's just so much cheese stuff out there! LOOK!


Uhm. I should uhm, stop obsessing, eh?
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Cheesemonger [31 Jan 2002|06:05pm]

There's just so much you can do with cheese, there's cheese sites, cheese poetry, cheese RECIPES!

*manta* 'cheese cheese cheese cheese' I found this: http://www.daminator.com/cheese_emporium.mpg weeeeeeee! It takes forever to download though, so be forewarned.

But there's also something else I like and that's beer. Boy would I love one right now, but I'm being good. *grumble*
"The idea of marrying beer and cheese is a difficult notion for many since wine has such an entrenched hold on the relationship. But the virtue of beer with cheese is fundamentally the same as wine. Cheese (with the exception of unaged varieties) is essentially a strong tasting, fatty food. An acidic drink perfectly balances its flavors and cleanses the palate of fat. "

So how bout we mix it up, with some Cheese and Beer Soup! Erm, I think I may be going too far here, but what the hell.. the recipe:

Cheese and Beer SoupCollapse )
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DUDE! [31 Jan 2002|12:20pm]

Felix Jimenez
Forlorn and sliced,
caged by the smell,
Muenster muses as he fuses
knife and death:
My friend Ricotta
Always said: "Beware
the noses of your friends."
Ricotta's gone, and so is
Brie, he who did everything for me.
I stand alone, my sweetheart Cheddar
bid me adieu; I'll just forget her.
The fridge is cold, I've no protection
A plastic bag is mere abjection
And as I search to pass the time
With seedless grapes to warm my side
I think of you, fair Roquefort,
your halitosis made me strong.
You did not die, you persevered
(I think they threw you to the bin)
At least you did not die the death
Accorded to your milky friends
Who day and night ask for your forgiveness
And end in molars, shredded, listless.

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[31 Jan 2002|11:58am]

Beware! For you are about to be CHEEESED!
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